Church Bells

Church Bells

My biggest downfall is my lack of effort in my relationship with God.

I see God in my life every single day, working her magic in ways that are indescribable. However, despite these realizations of gratitude, my relationship with God remains mostly one-way under my own conditions.

I need to find the time to listen, not just talk. I need to read excerpts from the Bible and other literature, I need to try to attend masses when possible, and I need to be more aware of the workings of God all around me.

I need to pray more, and not just when I need a little extra love and help. I need to focus on entering into dialogue with the Lord, and not being ashamed to express my spirituality.

God works her healing wonders in my life, and her presence is often neglected. It is my job to incorporate Christ into my life in harmony with everything else, and I need to find the motivation within myself to ensure my spirituality flourishes.