“The girl with the long dreads who slept with whomever she chose, that being her own declaration of control over her body, was there.”

-Ta-Nehisi Coates, Between the World and Me

We live in a time where women are slut shamed. A time where women who choose to flaunt and share their own bodies are ridiculed.

From the standpoint of a young woman, I can see how some of the ridicule might stem from jealousy. Young women like me often struggle with self-love and self-confience, and seeing women embrace themselves so publically can seem threatening.

In the eyes of the expressive woman herself, I feel empowerment. I feel strength and confidence, all coming from a genuine place of hard work and positive results.

I do not think anyone has the right to judge others based on what they do with their bodies, though it is difficult to stay true to this mindset.

Everyone holds different beliefs, and one might stand strong in their belief that women are to carry themselves with respect and grace, and that they are not free to be pleasing to the eyes of men.

My advice to ALL women who feel self-concious and judged based on ridicule and judgement from both men, women and social media is this: block it out. Keep the end goal in mind, that goal being your personal health and happiness.

At the end of the day, how you perceive yourself is the only thing that can haunt you.


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