A Break

I am rounding the corner of my second semester at college, and the time could not be passing any slower.

Some of my friends are already in route home, and I am stuck here for 20 more days. I still have two presentations, one paper, one essay and two finals to conquer before my summer begins.

I need a break.

A break from stuffing my head with equations and information only to spit everything back out onto a paper in order to “assess my academic abilities.”

How do I take a break?

I work out. I journal. I read.

But no about of hour long breaks will ever be able to distract me from how close the summer is.

I can almost feel the movement of the ocean’s waves touching my fingertips as the warm breeze kisses my skin.

I can imagine myself taking in the rays of the sun while immersing myself in an entirely different world through an endless lists of novels.

In 20 days I will be able to do the things that make me happy, and have a 3 month break from the intimidating and dense expectations that will shape my future.


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