Ups & Downs

Like they say, every relationship has its ups and downs.

But at what point do the downs begin to outweigh the ups?

One second, we are happy as can be, cuddles all night with lots of laughter and kisses and teasing. And the very next, I am kicking him out of the house.

It is perhaps because we are too comfortable? Are we able to easily take out our pain and angst on each other because we know that neither of us will ever leave? (Although he has three times before)

I just do not get how one relationship can be so bipolar, for lack of a better word.

At what point are the tears and the okay-ish nights ever going to make me strong enough to get fed up and walk away?

The ups and the downs are not few and far between, but those are rather the perfect moments.

In my head, I set my expectations high. I want my life to be a novel. I want the passion that lies between the pages of my favorite book to somehow speak to him, to make him into a more emotional and appreciative man.

But my life isn’t a JoJo Moyes or Nicholas Sparks story.

It is life. It is real.

The ups & the downs are signals for what is yet to come in our future…


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