The Perfect Date: 12.29.16

2016 ended in perfection for me.

The day started with a nice drive to Washington DC from Maryland, with little traffic along the way. My boyfriend and I arrived at the Georgetown Harbor where we ate a delicious meal, before driving downtown to explore the Newseum.

Being a journalism major, I naturally freaked out in happiness. Being surrounded by the history of my future career field right after the 2016 Presidential Election, nothing could make my day better…

And then I fell in love with ice hockey.

After exploring the Newseum for a few hours, we made our way to the Matchbox to have dinner, where Matt devoured a burger and I enjoyed a marvelous salad. Immediately following dinner, we made our way to the Capitals game.

We went through security, got a few beers, and got ready to enjoy our first hockey game. Nobody told me how easy the sport was to follow, hence my inclination to fall in love.

The day was perfect, with no fights and nothing but affection and happiness.


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