“The four of us walking two by two, because no one should have to walk alone.”

-Nicholas Sparks, Two by Two

When most people dream of their future, they rarely dream of being alone. The picture likely consists of a companion, someone who whom they can confide in, and drown in endless love.

Looking back on my life, I want to have memories of love. I want to cherish the moments that I could feel the love surrounding me at certain given times, and I want to remember the people who have made me feel loved unconditionally.

I want to walk down the aisle, two by two; first with my father guiding me, and back up the aisle with the love of my life by my side.

Nobody should have to feel the weight of life alone, and should not have to bear the thought of suffering and loss alone.

Everybody needs somebody, lover or not. They need someone to confide in, to let them no that no matter how hard life hits them, they will always have someone to help pull them back up.

Or simply just hold their hand.


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