Quote of the Day: 11.28.16

“But you don’t have to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.”

“You don’t have to assume the worst about everyone, either. The world isn’t always out to get you.”

-Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key

I have a problem with giving people too many chances. I always assume the best, and never the worst, and I truly think that this is a personal downfall.

What is strange is that I feel as if the world is out to get me, yet I have a niche for always expecting the best. I hold people at such high standards, which normally comes back to bite me because they never quite live up to them, although they have no control over the standards I have set.

I have always been of the difficult breed, and I often find myself being let down and disappointed. I need to work on this side of me by resisting my urge to set such impeccably high standards so that I don’t find myself as troubled and broken.

I need to let people make their own pathways, not giving them the control to have an effect on me. I need to be the contender of my own happiness, and I need to stop letting other people’s words and actions take such a toll on me.


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