“There is more to life than increasing its speed.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

These are words to live by. Life is not about rushing to the top, destroying everything in your path along the way.

It’s about taking your time, finding love and happiness along the way, and channeling that love and happiness into everything that you do, not caring much about the end goal.

Because life is not an end goal. It is primarily about the roads that you take, the obstacles you overcome, the people you encounter and the lessons that those people teach you. It is about taking those lessons and applying them to everything that you do, teaching others the same wonderful things you have learned throughout your life.

People always try to speed through life, constantly aiming to get to the top and have the most money. They barrel through school, just focusing on the grades on the paper, neglecting to form relationships with their colleagues and professors along the way.

Those are the people who miss out on the good part of life. The part of life that happens when we don’t even realize it, when we take the time to just be; to just live.

We need to stop trying to progress so fast.

We need to take our time,

And just breathe.


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