Current State of Mind.

Productivity. Family. Longing. Anticipation.

This weekend was ne well spent in terms of time. I spent the weekend in, reading a novel and working to get ahead on my college course load. I finished a novel for enjoyment, started another, finished assignments due later this week, and even researched for my English paper.

I have learned in the past few weeks that my family means the world to me. No matter how much I told myself I would not miss them, I do, without a doubt. My sister is going through a big transition in her life with just getting married to a Marine who has been deployed. She has been lacking in her confidence in me, and this is troublesome for me. We have always been close, but the distance of me at college is clearly taking  a toll on our relationship.

I am longing for something more. I am eager to progress through this aprt of life, and just want to have an established place in this world. I know that looking back I will wish to retract this statement, but I wish my college years were nearly the end so that I can delve into the real world, free to embrace my passions and grow in love.

I am anticipating all that the next few months will hold for me. The end to a semester, a 3 year anniversary, another holiday season. I am longing to be surrounded by Christmas cheer and the warm arms of my other half.

I am longing to be the simplest version of myself.


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