How to Improve Your Mood

Do you find yourself feeling down on yourself more than you’d like to?

The answer is to do something good for the soul. Studies show that exercising at any capacity can help to improve one’s self esteem and overall well being. Simple light to moderate exercise can make a world of difference to the way in which you see yourself and how the bulk of your day will carry out. For example, if you are experiencing a time of low self esteem and a bad mood, there is a good chance that you will negtively impact those around you, driving them to want to be further away from you.

If exercising physically isn’t for you, another method you could try could be one to enrich the mind and brain. If stress is getting to you, coloring is always an option. If you are bored and want to resort to Netflix, try to pick up a book instead. Exercising the brain leads to a healthier mind set and ultimately results in you becoming a more well rounded individual.

Personally, I improve my mood by writing. No matter what my mood is, I always turn to writing in efforts to release whatever weight I am carrying from that day. Whether it be poetry, short storying, articles or blogging, putting my thoughts on paper one way or another is the ultimate release.

While these methods might not be the answer for everyone, the thing to remember is that having a positive mood and mindset can really make a difference in your self esteem and lifestyle.


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