So College

It’s official! I am a college student. I made it. I moved in on Tuesday and so far I absolutely love it. I love my roommate, the other people in my hall, the campus and especially how easy it is to be a freshman girl… We can get in to virtually any party and we never have to pay for our own alcohol…it’s great.

I have already met some really great people and I can’t wait to meet even more once classes and clubs start…

Well a few days have passed since move-in and it’s been a roller coaster! I had a horrible first day of classes because I didn’t even need to be enrolled in the Algebra class I was in, so I had a meltdown on the first day. However, I went to my academic advisor and he got it fixed for me and now I am in another CMAT class, which will help me even more with my major.

I got a text from Matt on my first day of classes telling me to go out to the front desk. When I went out there, there was a beautiful vase filled with the prettiest flowers, which was accompanied by a teddy bear and chocolates! The note attached made my entire day. I had my first weekend of college filled with parties and drinking, which even resulting in hooking up with someone. The good news is that after all was said and done, Matt was a mess. He couldn’t stand the thought of me with someone else and came back a million times better. Things have been really good between us, and he is even coming to visit me this weekend. I miss him.

I tried to get involved right away so I emailed a few club leaders to try to find more information about their organization. I think I am going to join the Honors College literary magazine, The Saunterer, and the school paper, The Flyer. In the spring I want to join a sorority, but of course my main focus needs to be on academics. I am in some challenging yet interesting courses this semester, so as long as I can learn to time manage well I should be okay.


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