Rupi Kaur: A Life-Changing Author

I can honestly say that I have never cried so hard to the point of shaking from a work of fiction more than I did within the first ten pages of Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey. Almost every other page has a sticky note on it because I know that those poems will become necessary for me in order to get through the things I am about to face in my life. Of course I have connected with other works, but never like this. This book impacted my life in a way I can’t even find the words to explain.

The book is divided into four parts, all of which are amazing. At the beginning I was crying violently out of horror and astonishment, but later on tears were silently streaming down my face as I identified with the words of Kaur. Kaur made the personal experiences that I have struggled with on severe terms feel more relatable, assuring me that I am not alone in how I feel sometimes.

“i don’t know what living a balanced life feels like
when i am sad
i don’t cry, i pour
when i am happy
i don’t smile, i beam
when i am angry
i don’t yell, i burn
the good thing about
feeling in extremes
is when i love
i give them wings
but perhaps
that isn’t
such a good thing
cause they always
tend to leave and
you should see me
when my heart is broken
i don’t grieve
i shatter.”

– Rupi Kaur

I identify most with this poem. I always thought that I was the only one who struggled with balance. I am either 100% happy or 100% sad. I am never in between because I don’t know how to be. I always felt like this made me defective, like I was screwed up and could never be happy. When I was left, I didn’t know to cope and felt like the entire universe was caving in on me, slowly shattering my entire self. But in order for Kaur to write this, she had to have felt this way or met with someone who felt this way, which makes me know I am not alone. Kaur has beautifully put everything that I feel into one monumental poem that will always remain my favorite because of the impact it had on my life.

Being alone and feeling unwanted is a difficult thing for a young woman to struggle with and Kaur’s poetry changed my view. She gave me a sense of strength and hope. Something that I can hold on to and return to in my times of desperate need. Her words will remain with me forever.


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