America’s Chaos

I’ve never been more disappointed in America than I have over the last two years. I might not be the most educated person to speak on the topic, but I need to rant. The fact of the matter is: nobody wins. There will never be justice or peace because everyone wants different things. In regards to the Black Lives Matter group that has lately taken action lately, I am horrified. The movement is using violence and targeting innocent people, being hypocritical of the exact reasons that they are protesting for. The shootings that occurred in Dallas last week broke my heart. Five innocent police officers were shot and killed for simply doing their job. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that people think violence is the answer. America is turning into a bunch of people pissing each other off, and honestly might result in a national war. On race. Something that we already conquered as a country many years ago but was never really fully resolved, just like it never will be because that’s just how people are. Nobody can be happy. Nobody wins.

The shootings in Baton Rouge led on by an ex-Marine were just the icing on the cake. African Americans around the country are acting out against police forces simply because they think they are being singled out. So one man decided to take the lives of three police officers because he wanted to help make a stand for his race. He also had his twitter page filled with police hate and suggesting that action needed to be taken in order to save the African American race from “extinction.” He got killed in the process and accomplished absolutely nothing for the Black Lives Matter movement. People just need to think before they go out and make rash decisions to take someone else’s life to try to prove a point. Killing people solves nothing at all.

In Baltimore, the Freddie Gray trials on the officers are still happening over a year later. The city is still in upset and nothing is being resolved. Recently there were protesters who stood on 83 to make a barricade in silence to prove a point for the Black Lives Matter movement. When I was at Artscape, a weekend long art festival that is designed to bring the community together as a whole by showcasing local artists’ work, I saw something that completely pissed me off. It was a completely white cubicle of sorts that had a bold, white confessional sitting in the middle. The sign on the confessional read something along the lines of “Confess White Guilt,” essentially categorizing all whites into the same category which I tend to find extremely offensive. It was unbelievably¬†racist. If a white person was to create the same exhibit in all black that read “Confess Black Guilt,” there would probably be riots and shootings. There would be absolute chaos. America is turning into a war against races. Stereotypes are being placed on all races and nobody seems to remember the individuality of everyone. Just because a person is white doesn’t mean they are against blacks and for white supremacy, just because a person is Muslim doesn’t mean they are a terrorist, and just because a person is black doesn’t mean they are a thug. We need to stop pinning races against each other and begin respecting everyone. We need to end America’s state of chaos.


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