Beach: Over

The trip ended up being a smashing success. I got to spend so much time with my family and reading on the beach, which is my favorite thing to do. I made it through 2 and a half books in a span on 3 days, but stopped once Matt came down halfway through the week. Once he came, things got even better. We spent the first night up on the boardwalk with my family, but snuck away to hold each other in a lifeguard stand on 18th street. We talked about my family and his, embracing the few moments we had to ourselves. We connected while being silent and looking at the water and stars, knowing that the silence was filled with unconditional love.

The following day we went wave running, and let me just tell you it was an unpredictable blast, per usual. (I would tell you how, but I probably don’t want to expose that on the internet). Things are never boring with Matt and I, but are rather filled with unexpected turns. It keeps things interesting.

Throughout the course of the week I bought 4 more novels which I will begin after I finish the one assigned to me by my college. The book is a little outside of my normal comfort zone, but over all it is amazing and enriching. There’s nothing I love more than a book that I can relate to, can’t put down or inspires me.

As college is quickly approaching, I find myself cherishing the short amount of time I have left at home with my family and Matthew. Things are about to get a whole lot more diffiult for me as an advancing young women, but I am also extremely excited. I just hope that the distance won’t be too difficult for Matt and I, and I can stay true to who I have beome over the past few years. I have become more loving, compassionate, strong and confident, and I really hope that doesn’t change.

My mother is worried that I will become engulfed in the typical college party lifestyle, but I am confident that I will be able to maintain a healthy balance. I plan on keeping myself busy with school work and the Honors College, as well as with extra curriculars and possibly a sorority. I want to continue to do what I love, which is read and write, as well as maintain a social life that is healthy while keeping my grades up. I know that a lot of struggle and confusion is coming for me, but that is all a part of life, right? Challenging yourself. Finding yourself. Loving yourself. The only person you can count on is you, and the only person you can hold accountable is you.


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