Beach: Day 2

What started out as a rainy morning slowly evolved into a wonderful day. The sun never fully came out, but that was okay because it made the beach comfortable. We started the day out taking my grandfather to breakfast as a late father’s day celebration and I got apple pancakes.

It took a few hours for the rain to stop, but once it did we took the beach right away. My cousin and I took my sister and her fiance on in “sand hole,” which I’m convinced is New Jersey’s knock off version of cornhole, but we lost in the tie breaker. I spent the rest of my beach day reading my book, unable to put it down. I feel as if I can identify with the characters in the novel to some extent that makes me feel confident in what I want to pursue in the future.

The majority of my night was spent on the beach watching my sister get her engagement photos taken. I can’t even express in words how excited I am to be in their wedding in October, but I am even more excited to welcome my new brother into the family offically! After they completed their photos, my immediate family decided to have a little photoshoot of our own and it was so much fun! I can’t wait to see how all of the picures turned out.

We finished the night off with a trip to one of our favorite ice cream destinations for some sundaes before heading back to the beach house and parting for bed. On the relationship front, Matt made an amazing assist today in his soccer game and they won, meaning that they made it to the semi-finals! I couldn’t be more proud of him. (Also the girls team he was hanging out with lost and went home so that’s good for me). If he wins tomorrow he makes it to the final! We will just have to wait and see…


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