Beach: Day 1

Every year my family takes a week long trip to Ocean City, New Jersey. It used to be a two week trip, but my family is so crazy that we couldn’t handle it anymore…so we’re down to one! It’s 17 or so of us in one house so you can only imagine how much drama accompanies it.

The chaos of move in day has passed and we’re now onto day 2. My favorite thing about the beach is that it’s acceptable to eat pizza for both lunch and dinner…so that’s how I started off the trip! We walked the boardwalk and my cousin got pooped on within 10 minutes…and I was the next victim just a short hour later.

When I got back to th beach house I found myself thinking about Matt. He’s still at his soccer tournament and of course I am happy for him, but I would really prefer he just hungout with the guys instead of an entire girls soccer team. It drives me crazy. Last night I literally had to bribe him with sexual favors just to get him not to hangout with girls…what is my life coming to? The good thing is that he will be out of that situation and at the beach with me in a matter of days…but until then I have my writing to keep me sane!


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